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Longsword, Tiers
100 of 84 spots taken, waitlist only
Longsword, Under-represented Genders
23 of 25 spots taken
Longsword, add'l MAC Armor provided
16 of 16 spots taken, waitlist only

Longsword, One Touch
No size limit
HEMA Club Mass Melee
No size limit
Audacious Knife Fight
53 of 60 spots taken
BYO Steel Armored Meetup
No size limit
Attendee Write-ins: if you want to advocate for a specific offering not shown (e.g. one-handed sword tourney, mixed weapon tourney, a lightsaber exhibition, etc), please write in for consideration!
Specialty Workshops
Cutting Clinic ($20 per mat)
68 of 75 spots taken


If you're coming solo or with one other club member and you need help camping, explain in the comment section below.

Meals (sample menu below; check event website for final details)

Saturday (9/23) ($8)
Sunday (9/24) ($8)
May include cereal, oatmeal and fillings (jam, fruit, honey), bacon, fresh baked bread with butter and dairy-free options
Saturday (9/23) ($15)
Sunday (9/24) ($15)
May include grilled fish in wine sauce, a hearty chicken stew, a variety of meat and veggie pies, and chickpeas in almond milk (vegan)
Saturday (9/23) ($20)
May include boiled chicken in ale sauce, beef ribs roasted in a wine, currants, and onion sauce, and a mushroom and barley potage (vegan)
Please note dietary requirements in comment section below


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At-the-door base reg will be $150
($25 of reg fee is non-refundable)

(e.g. if someone referred you, requests to borrow camping equipment, dietary needs, etc.)
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Any questions/concerns, please email

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