Registration for Iron Gate Exhibition 2017
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Health Insurance
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  • Weight estimate [lbs]
  • Weight to be measured at check-in;
    estimate for predicting weight divisions
  • Weapon Skills
  • Cutting Tourney ($45)
  • Personal Combat ($25)
  • Dagger
  • Mixed Weapon
  • Mixed Weapon, Wisdom
  • Mixed Weapon, Women's
  • Longsword, Basic
  • Longsword, Advanced
  • Longsword, Wisdom
  • Longsword, Women's
  • Longsword, Youth
  • Special Classes 
  • Cutting Clinic ($10 per mat)
  • T-shirt ($20)
  •       Type:
  •       Color:
  • Second T-shirt ($20)
  •       Type:
  •       Color:
  •       Only available before 8/31/17
  • Lunch
  • Friday (9/29) ($10)
  • Saturday (9/30) ($10)
  • Sunday (10/1) ($15)
  • Dinner Banquet
  • Saturday (9/30) ($30):
  • Please note dietary requirements
    in comment section below
  • HEMA Alliance Member
  • HEMAA member email (if different from above):
  • Please make sure your HEMAA membership is active before checking this box. If email address cannot be verified with HEMAA, discount is subject to rejection.
  • Reg Fee Total:     $
  •       At-the-door base reg will be $200
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  • Lectures
  • Free fencing
  • Instructors
  • Networking
  • Social
  • Other (provide detail below)
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Do we have your approval to use your image in both event photos and video?
Please confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of the waivers for the IGX event and the Danvers Indoor Sports venue:
   NOTE: a signed copy will be required at physical registration on the day of the event.
(e.g. if someone referred you, weapons you would like permission to use for the tourneys, dietary needs, etc.)

Any questions/concerns, please email

IGX is a community event and our success absolutely depends on help from the community -- that's you! Please keep in mind that if you are competing you may be asked to staff a pool. Scheduling will be structured so that competitors' tournament participation will not be affected. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Thanks to our sponsors!